My first blog post of awesomeness...well maybe just 'same as everyone else'-ness. Meh :)

Hi! My name's Andrew and welcome to my first blog entry!
I'm a freelance 3D designer, specialising in designing for 3D printers, since around September 2014 (edited).
While I have been building up a portfolio of work over these last few years, I've not being able to support myself financially (for reasons I won't internet out-loud) and so have had to take on full-time work.
This does result in a lot less time to work on designing, especially since I'm also studying Physics with the Open University (A distance learning course for those of you outside the UK). Which is awesome, but frustrating at the same time...essentially; Learn new thing...have idea or think "will this happen if I do this"...realise I don't know enough yet...back to learning.
Its a continual process :)

Back to 3D printing; I own a Flashforge Creator Dual, of which only one extruder is working. It does decent prints, but I have lots of issues with getting prints to stay on the print platform.
I'm currently using watered down PVA glue and Kapton tape.

For those of you who may be interested in work I've submitted online already, here's a few links : Profile
Shapeways shop - Curio Inventorium

Here's a few photos of designs I've worked on...
Sewable snake scales
Some snake scale pieces. I never got round to sewing
them to anything or uploading anywhere.
Quizzing glass
A quizzing glass designed my for local theatre production.
Printed by Shapeways.

Derringer theatre prop
One of my current projects, I've still to complete how the parts interlock and then make it printable with the
minimum amount of support structure needed. This was originally going to be for my local theatre group, but they'd
already sourced one.
I still need to get used to blogging and generally being sociable online. Hopefully I'll improve over time. :)
I'll also try to put updates on current work progress and things I'm just experimenting with in general.


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