Completion of Meggcha suit project and weekendness...

After some discussion with friends I've decided to move my blog day to Mondays. Although I very nearly skipped today to write one tomorrow. But that was just laziness creeping in :)

Meggcha suit project...

I now consider this project complete. There are three poses; Pointing, Power-up and Crouching. Each pose will be in full-size and table-top configurations, with a release date pencilled in for the first week in June.

The full-size models don't have a base and should be able to hold a chicken egg, while the table-top versions are scaled down and have an egg as part of the model.
As I've previously mentioned (somewhere, although I've forgotten where), I had intended these to be available on Shapeways. Unfortunately their pricing system put these models out of reach, which is why I decided to create scaled down table-top versions. Which, again, are a silly price on Shapeways.

So, means that this project will be a Patreon exclusive, and it will be up to individuals to decide on how they go about printing them.
I currently have the Power-up pose being test printed as I write this. The right arm to be exact. As I have split the model into pieces to ease the print times. Rather than one big print.
I'm planning on recording a design session where I show my method of splitting designs up for ease of printing. If I don't get round to it in the space of two weeks, can someone please message me to remind me. Ta :) 

Meggcha suit project

Weekend fun...

Archery! Everyone was off to the left.
I did a little bit of travelling this past weekend; I attended a tutorial in Bristol for my Physics course, all revision like. And then on to Cardiff to visit friends and attend combat training with some of my reenactment group. We concentrated on archery this session. So I had a chance to use my bow again :)
Lots of fun and it was good to see everyone again.


Right, that's all from me for now. Here's a picture of a castle I visited with my Mum on Thursday...
Castle wot had fallen over, long long time ago. But not in a galaxy far far away. Or Australia.

...and a bug I found...

Noodles... (I had meant to put toodles, but you know, autocorrect happened)


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