Failed print...

Elbow protector failed print :(
As you can see, the print failed after coming loose from the print-bed. At one hour in, 27% progress. My fault really, I already knew the print platform was in dire need of a re-coating of PVA glue.
But it's shown me where I need to strengthen areas of the design. Especially where the straps would feed through. Design wise, this is what happens when I experiment. I don't always do proper measurements or make sure tolerances are correct. I have learned from the experience.

To counter the downer from that print failing, I decided to print something I designed last year. But at 1.6 scale. Here is is on the platform after completion...
Skeleton key.

It printed nicely at a layer thickness of 0.15mm and took just over two hours.
The support structure seems easier to remove at this layer thickness...well...compared to 0.3mm layer thickness anyway.

Support structure removed.
After cropping the photo I realised that it looks like my hand is just sitting on the table...not attached to anything.

Anyway, back to studying...see ya. :D

Shameless product placement...

The key is available to buy on Shapeways...


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