The Derringer, the spore and the Blunderbuss...

I managed to get more designing done this week than expected.

The Derringer...

First off, was in applying the side etching to the barrel of the Derringer pistol prop. I put together a small walk-through to show what I did. Here
Derringer Pistol Theatre prop with barrel etching in place.

The spore...

The second design was the result of another unexpected urge to design something. This time is was the frustration of all my coloured pens rolling about my desk while I'm trying to study.
I like to make important notes and equations stand out more by writing them in a different colour.
On the right is what I finally ended up with. Some sort of weird spore/cactus thing.

With coloured pens added.

I was surprised to find that a normal pen (as seen in the centre of the pen-holder) fits nicely.
I've uploaded the design to my profile on the MyMiniFactory website and it should be available to download some time in the following week and is now available here. (Edit : 29 Feb 2016 20:23)

The Blunderbuss...

The final design I worked on this week started off as one of my on-the-side experiments, but ended up being useful in someway. In this case it's end of the barrel for a Blunderbuss, for use in a Pantomime theatre production. I was asked to modify it again so that a party-popper could be fitted in the end.
Example showing newer version on the left.
On the right is a snapshot showing a template party-popper in place, before I used a Boolean modifier to cutout the shape from the barrel.

Original barrel

My main reason for starting this design was because I wanted to develop a screw-lock join for a barrel. It worked, but I've still to make the rest of the Blunderbuss. Purely in theatre prop format only.

Closing words...

Well that's it for this Sundays blog. May you all keep well and here's hoping I get get another blog written next Sunday. :)


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