Latest commission completed and visiting Milton Keynes...

Overwatch Reinhardt themed stein.
Whoo! I've completed a commission! Here's the final generated image of it; It's an Overwatch Reinhardt themed stein.

I managed to 3D print a 60% scale as a test print too.
I didn't design the peg that fits into the hinge, as that's something that should really be a metal pin or something. Or a rivet. I don't know.

Here's one of the images I used as reference. Copyright of Blizzard I think. -->

I'll print the lid out tomorrow, as the body took 6 hours to print out.

Trip to Milton Keynes!!...

So last week I visited Milton Keynes to attend a residential Open University course. It was Physics and Chemistry based, with the aim to get practical hands on experience with performing experiments.
It was loads of fun and good to meet lots of like-minded people. as in wanting to learn stuff. :p
On the flip side, I also received my exam results from my last course; I ended up with a Grade 4 pass. Not happy about that. I know it's a pass, but I wanted to do better.
Oh well, only thing I can do is keep transcribing the course notes into A5 booklets for future reference and as a way of keeping it fresh in my mind.
Roll on October when my next courses start.

Patreon bowl movements...

Wrong analogy I must admit, but essentially what I mean is that I've started with my current design project. :)
The theme I've chosen is a small town on the outskirts of a large lake. It involves underground peoples, Bandits, Plague and the usual pesky Necromancer (That's what happens when you abandon a castle on a hill).
I've already drawn a rough map to start working from. I'm also thinking about doing a time-line of events.
I'll post this to my Patreon page, with the overall plan to start releasing concept sketches during this week.
This could end up being quite a large project and I'll be experimenting along the way to see what can work and what won't.

Right, onwards!...


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