A bit of a short blog entry this time...

Considering how I've actually remembered (barely) to write an entry this week, it'll be a bit shorter as it's not been that long since the last one. Or at least it feel likes it anyway.

Current commission...

I've already posted on Facebook and Twitter this generated image of my current commission, but I'll post it here as well, as it seems to be a bit more of an organised record, rather than those other two's randomness.
It's going to be a Stein based on an in-game item from Overwatch. The Lions head is a motif on the Reinhardt character.
I'll beef up the "cup" part of it a bit more before wrapping the Lion's head round it more, then I'll work on the handle. Which, itself is themed on the hammer that the character wields.
I'm thinking of turning the Lions head into a keychain thingy too.

Artificial muscle fibre messing about...

I'd forgotten to mention last week, but I did do a little bit of testing with the 0.5mm nylon fishing thread. And I did managed to make a suitable coiled piece, which didn't snap when I stretched it.
I thought it would stretch further than it did. With a coiled section of 5mm, it stretched too...8mm.
What this means now, is that I have to redesign the rig to handle longer (or perhaps modular length) coil lengths.
Assuming the percentage of stretch remains the same I'll most likely need to have 2cm of coil before I can get any useful range of movement. Shouldn't be too much of an issue.

I've already got plans in my mind for a rail-based slide section and possibly some sort of weird wheeled tensioning system. Time will tell.
Other things I need to start recording is; starting length of straight thread, versus usable coiled length.
From there I can then start calculating the lengths I need for the ranges of movement I require.

I'd attach some photos here, but to the untrained eye, they'd look exactly the same as all the others I've posted.

Right that's enough for now. Meow.
Because I could.


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