Where did this week go!?

I suspect the speediness of this week has been due to me prioritising studying over everything else...oh and I had part-time work on Thursday and Friday.
So that'll be a little bit of money coming in.

I had hoped to work on the Meggcha Suit project this Thursday/Friday, but as mentioned above, the time was replaced with working. (Sorting small blocks of Feta cheese in a food factory.)

Some 3D printing and designing has happened though...

Bronze cannons onna stick
I was invited to take part in the beta of MyMiniFactory's Wonderland Project about a month ago. Which is essentially printing models which have been submitted to the website and taking photos of them afterwards. To prove that they can be printed.
Of which, I have done two. A statue of Alexander the Great (The bits missing, where already missing from the model. Not as a result of my haphazard support-structure removal :p ) and a representation of some cannons.
Here are the links to them on MyMiniFactory :

Alexander the Great (With missing bits)
They're still experimenting with the project, but hopefully it'll bring in a little revenue over time, as each "print job" is paid.
I'll list any prints I do in my blog. It'll give me something to put when I've had a slow week :)

One thing I've realised, is that it isn't always going to be simple prints like the ones above.
As not all the uploaded models to MyMiniFactory will be from experienced designers for 3D printing. So there'll be times when a model can't be printed. But there's a neat little forum for each print job where things like that can be discussed.
Here's hoping it'll move forward.

Actual designing of things has happened!

Mk3 of the spool filament holder
Surprisingly I managed to get a little bit of weekend designing done. This is essentially what I now term any 3D designing I do that isn't Patreon related.
So what is it that I decided to do? A spool. For filament. Ordered from Faberdashery.com.
Their 100m coils of filament don't come with their own spool. So I decided to attempt to design one again (A previous attempt at making a collapsable one a few years back failed miserably).

Mk1 of the spool filament holder. Crap.
The Mk1 version, pictured left, turned out to just be crap. End of.
The Mk3 version, pictured above, is turning out to be much more like I intended, when I was thinking of this in the barren dust fields that is my mind.
Mk2 was just tolerance adjustments going wrong. We can ignore Mk2. Lets.

As can be seen in both pictures the spool is made up of two main, repeated, pieces. The arm and the runner piece.

A partially assembled spool. Mk3 mostly.
I'll print the rest one day :3
Eight of each, bringing it to a total of sixteen pieces will be needed.
An estimated total print time of 16 hours. For one spool. Great.
I'll probably end up using all the filament up printing it too.

It was at this point my other mind wandered past, flat-cap donned, and suggested "Why don't I just make one out of cardboard?". :/
Anyway...I've designed it, so I might as well print out some of it. I like making slot-together models anyway. It's the satisfaction of seeing something I've designed piece together perfectly.

On the plus side though, my mum suggested that I could turn the runner piece into a letter holder. As the edge pattern is quite nice. So I may have a play a bit later.
I've also gotten the urge to design another pen-holder. Something like a samurai sword stand, but for more than two pens. It'd be free standing and printable in one piece without support structure.
Something for next weekend maybe. :)

Desk upgrade!

I've upgraded my desk to level 2! I found out some months back, that you could buy roles of white-board surface that you could stick to tables and walls.
So last week I bought a roll and stuck it to my desk. Rather rushed I might add. But a few wrinkles and bubbles here-n-there add character. *cough, cough*

Anyway, it's turned out to be a really great addition to my work-flow; For studying, it brightens up everything when I have my side-lamp switched on, It's extra handy for writing down notes and equations while I'm working. It's just ace.
I even wrote down a reminder to myself last night before bed.
Plus...I can draw on it.... :D
My first drawing on my whiteboard, next to my study book.

That's all from me for this week, here's another doodle.
Anime fans'll get this.


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