Assignment deadlines and deviantArt...

This past week has been busy for me again, sadly not with 3D designing as much as I had wanted.

First up was the deadline for one of my assignments, which was due on Thursday. I completed before time on the Wednesday, but it completely took up Monday and Tuesday. Even more frustrating is the fact that it put me behind on my studies too.
I don't really understand how the study schedule can be set up so that assignments actually eat into study time. (Or the fact that weekends are included in said study schedule!)

But overall, strangely, Wednesday was the most productive day of the week!

Productive Wednesday!...

 - Printing statues...

3D printed sculpture called Storm. Not mine.
I completed another 3D print for MyMiniFactory's Wonderland project, a sculpture-type called Storm. The link for it is here.
It was a bit of a tricky print as you can see by the long spindly bits it's made up of. I made life a bit easier for myself by printing it on its side, so as to spread the "grain" of the print along the length of each spar.
It worked fairly well, I only lost one bit. Mainly due to my ham-handedness. :p

Before support-structure removal.

<-- Here's a picture of it before the support structure was removed.

 - Recording design sessions...

In the evening of Wednesday I recorded my first 3D design session in Blender. I felt a bit more comfortable than with the last recording, but I still find I'm rambling on a bit and over explaining things that don't need to be. But, I recorded it with no mishaps and I'm quite happy with it.
Essentially I explain "briefly" (lol) how I've got Blender set-up when I'm designing and then I move on to designing a piece of armour for the Meggcha Suit.
I should do some more recordings at some point. But I need to feel in the right frame of mind, like, this is something I should record. Rather than just trope...I know what I mean. ;)
Here's a link to it (Even though I've Facebook'ed it and Twitter'ed it already)...
I've even got 4 subscribers now. :)

- deviantArt drawings submitted...

I have now properly recreated my deviantArt profile again. I had one some years back, but since it was attached to a old email address, which for some reason doesn't receive emails from some parts of the world, I can no longer change the password and gain access again.
But...I guess I can forget about that one now. Here's some links to my profile and submitted drawings for this past week...

To my profile and...

Each drawing was created using the SketchBook app on the iPad. I'm getting back into digital drawing again with the aim towards colour painting. I tried some years back but got distracted.
The app has got a nice feature in that it can be linked to a deviantArt profile and work can be submitted directly from it.
It also has a section where you choose a drawing challenge, where you can choose a theme to work too or even ones where there's a time limit.
It makes it fun and removes the whole "what shall I draw" to a certain extent. So hopefully I'll keep involved with it. Time will tell.

Visit to the (dreaded) electronics store...

So yesterday I visited the dreaded electronics store to buy some electronic components. They're intended for an LED tea-light I'm putting together for a friend. It's been since December when I said I'd work on it, it's taking so long. :p

The reason I say the store is 'dreaded' is because of the ease at which money can fly out of my wallet when I see something interesting, quirky or just something "I MUST HAVE!".
I managed to survive; Not buying NAS storage, USB hubs, LED lighting, Solar panels and assorted electronic kits.

I however ended up buying a rechargeable battery pack, which was the result of buying my first Raspberry Pi 2 kit. Probably at a premium, as all the prices are in that store.
(The reason for the battery pack is that I could run the Pi from it)
I must say, it was fun to boot it up connected to my screen and play with a linux OS environment again.

I've already broken out my books on Python. Finally I'll have a proper chance to teach myself the language. I know I've got access to Python on my Mac. It just seems different when it's in a dedicated setup for it.
My interest in robotics is my main lead with this. So hopefully this will provide me more of a push towards actually doing something.

All for now...

I helped fix the toilet on Friday, not very glamorous, but it needed to be done. The internal flush mechanism thingy needed replacing and it could only be done by removing the water tank-bit first.
So a fair bit of cleaning up was required before fitting it back. It's so good to having a working, flushing toilet again.

Other than that (and part-time work on Thursday) that's all that's happened this past week.

Enough from me, have a good week everyone :)

No silly sketch this week, I didn't feel inspired enough.


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