Oops, a day late already...

Sorry I'm a day late. I was having a relaxing bank holiday Monday...aaannnd I forgot :p

As my exam for my current Open University course is this Friday, most of last week was taken up with studying and revision. As will most of this week. Physics is a lot of fun, but there's a lot to learn.

Next Patreon project...

The Half-Sphere iris concept. DO not fear it!
Saying that, I did do some preliminary sketching for my next Patreon project; The Half-sphere iris project. Wooo!
Essentially a mechanical iris 'what' is shaped like half a sphere.

I still need to finalise what I'm doing; Like how many "iris"'s I use (I keep wanting to do five for some reason).
I'd also like to design it so that a motor could be fitted, so that some sort of automated-opening bin could be made using proximity sensors.
That'd be fun. Just watch your fingers :/

Prototype of E-tealight made...

The prototype tea-light.
So...the other day I made my first prototype of a little electric tea light. Here's a picture of it...

It uses a 3W ultra-bright LED, powered by a 3 Volt coin battery. I've not used a resistor in the circuit as the I'm not working at the max of the LED. So that should be alright!?
I've also not allowed for any heat dissipation. So it's a good thing it'll be residing in something that normally holds a lit flame. :3

There are a few issues with this prototype; I wired in the LED backwards, so the battery has to be in backwards; And the microswitch is wired into the push-for-off, rather than push-for-on. Which I kind've think works okay. As the twist lid will be more secure when it's turned to the off position.

Anyway, I've ordered some more microswitches and battery holders to make some more. At least my soldering skills are still "adequate" :)

Meggcha suit release on Patreon...

As this week will also be the first week on June. I'll be releasing the STL files for each of the models onto my Patreon creator page for the $3 reward tier. Don't all rush at once ;)

Back to revision...

Right, as per the sub-heading, back to revision I go. My next Open University module starts next week too.

Here's a picture of some ants...on a leaf...on a rose bush...
Dave and Bob.


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