Steady progress designing and my first week on Patreon.

Well it has been a productive week so far. I'm half-way through my Six Bottles project.

African pot themed bottle.
This is a Shapeways generated image.

The Victorian, Ancient Greek and African themed bottles are viewable on my Shapeways profile.
Once I've built up enough money I'll order prints of them so that they can be sold in my shop.
I can afford to buy one of them this month and I'm thinking of getting the African themed one.
If anyone has any preferences, please message me.

Regarding money, I signed up with another job agency on Tuesday. Just as a safety net really. I've asked for part-time work and I'm not fussed about working a couple of days at a time, or scattered weeks.
As long as I've got time to design and study, I'll be happy.

I've managed to do a second video log, where I basically talk about what I've just written about. But with a little bit more detail.

Now here's some pictures of the other two bottles I've designed...
Ancient Greek amphora bottle.
Shapeways generated image.

Victorian themed bottle.
Shapeways generated image.
Each of these bottles has been designed to printed best using Shapeways porcelain material.

What's next...

Tomorrow I will be starting on the Medieval themed bottle. I've still to do a bit of research, although I do have an idea of what shape the bottle will take. I just haven't thought of the decorations or the overall theme yet. I know I want to masonry type things on it.

Right, better go...Agents of Shield'll be on in bit.


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