Completion of first project on Patreon

This past week marked the completion of my first project on Patreon. My "Six bottles" project! Wooo!
All six bottles. From left to right;
Ancient Greek amphora, Medieval Stitched-leather, Peruvian,
Chinese FangYi wine vessel, African pot and Victorian.

I'm quite happy with the results. Each of them passed the automated checks for printing in porcelain on Shapeways. So now all I have to do is order a print of each one so that they can be sold. A bit awkward as each one as a base price of about £50.
On the plus side, I've uploaded 1/4 scale versions and they're available to buy now. With the extra good news that they've been successfully printed in white plastic, by Shapeways, meaning that they've gone from "First to try" to "available" in that material. Awesomes!
So here's hoping that I get some sales from them.

Next projects...

My next project is intended as a bit of fun. It's going to be an egg-holder. Not for eating from, but just for holding the egg.
The planned size of egg to accommodate, would be the chicken egg. Since I've seen examples of ornaments, a juggling practise egg and even empty painted egg shells in the same size as chicken eggs, the design should be able to hold any of them.
It will be in the style of a mechanized-suit, similar to the types found in anime shows. I'm planning on recording my concept sketching session a bit later.
I've currently got my 3D printer working on something and I don't want the noise.

Patreon plans...

As it's my third week now and I've still not gotten any supporters, I'm going to change my strategy a little regarding how I let people know what I'm doing.
One of the things I'd like to do (as mentioned above) is start recording my sketching sessions and making them available for everyone to see, rather than just limited to the $1 reward tier.
I think I need to do this to help increase people's confidence in me and that I am going to be doing work worthy of their support.
As always, any advice regarding getting myself better known and trusted would be most appreciated.

Open University diversions...

I had a nice diversion near the beginning of March regarding my current course. In one of the study units there was an example of a surface type graph detailing the links between pressure, volume and temperature. And I thought to myself; This would make a nice printed model.
So I requested on the forum if it was possible to get hold of the data for that graph. The data was very kindly made available and I put together a model.
PVT Surface 3D model
The following steps where taken :
  • It involved writing some java code to write out the results of some equations to an OBJ file.
  • Importing the Obj file into Blender.
  • Scaling the created surface to the right size.
  • Creating a base for it all to sit on.
  • Adding text and arrows (took ages)
  • And finally cleaning it up to make it suitable for printing.
I found it a lot of good fun to do, as it mixed together my love of programming and 3D design.
My only annoyance is that I couldn't get it printed in finer detail, as it took nearly 5 hours if I remember correctly at a 0.3mm. Which is my course detail level.

All for now...

That's enough from me. Sorry it's a day late. Things have been getting on top of me these last few days.

Edit :

I forgot to mention that I've started up my deviantArt page again, where I'll be uploading any artwork I produce. My previous page was lost due to a dead email.
Here's the link to it : My deviantArt page


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