Launched on Patreon!

I launched my Patreon creator page on Saturday at noon, and there was a sudden silence of nobody noticing :p
But I'll carry on with my plans and start designing things, posting details about them and generally keeping positive.
I've been tweeting and sharing on Facebook, but with the way Facebook mangle their newsfeed, it's a wonder anyone can see anything current.

Here's my introduction video on YouTube...try not to cringe too much. It took over a week just to get this first video done. (I was far too nervous and apologies for staring too much) I'm sure I'll get better at recording them. Or until someone tells me to stop ;)
Man I look gormless. :/

Oh and here's the banner for my Patreon creator page too...
Some of the range of items on my Shapeways store.

Shapeways orders...

Some of my designs I ordered arrived on Friday. Including my wall-skull design. In porcelain!

Mounted on a leather-bound MDF piece of wood. Class.
It can be found here on Shapeways.

Smaller plastic version of the wall-skull
Included in that order was the smaller plastic version, the Garrison geocache token, some computer terminal 'lego' style blocks and a star for hanging on the wall.

Garrison geocache token
Some of these have been online for a while, but I hadn't gotten round to ordering them.

Not many people are buying them at the moment, but I guess I just need to be more sociable and push my work out there to be noticed.

Gatling guns! Building block style :)

Here's a random photo of some gatling gun building blocks I had printed a month or so back. I've still to build them into something proper. If I ever get the time, or floor space :p

Current designs in progress...

From now on a lot of my design plans will be featured on my Patreon creator page, i.e. concept sketches, wallpapers. Anything I've finished will be featured here. This makes it fair to those who have pledged support to me, as that's one of the reward tiers.

But I will still mention the sort of things I'll be working on;

So, this month of April, I will be working on a mixed theme. Starting of with a selection of 6 historically themed bottles. With the intention that they be printable in porcelain.
Then there'll be an egg holder in the shape of a robotic suit and another pen holder design.

For now I think this'll be a good start, I'll announce more when I know I've got the time to finish them for this month.

As each design is completed it'll be placed onto Shapeways and at the start of May, I'll release the 3D object files for all those who pledge $3.00 or above.

Right, that's it from me for now. Onwards...
Here's a badly coloured robot
shouting "Bacon!", because...well...
why not.


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