Patreon restart and finally another deviantArt submission...

Opps, a midweek blog now. I need to keep on the ball. :p

Changing my Patreon creator page direction...

After receiving some advice from a good friend (Thank you Gino) regarding how my Patreon page was looking, I've decided to follow it and pick a definite purpose, rather than random 3D designs.

I'll now be 3D designing table-top game buildings and scenery. But with a method of development where I'll create a small region, say a town and the surrounding forest, and then flesh it out and decide what buildings and scenery will represent it well.
I plan on adding a bit of an extended base to each model, or rather I intend for some of the designs to be incorporated into traditionally made scenery.
So for example; Someone has made some sloping terrain leading into a lake or dry lakebed. If I design a short pier that would extend out from the shore, they could cut back the terrain to fit the model in. (I'm sure if this bit isn't understood, someone will ask me)

A little bit of posing using the previously printed tower.
As it is close to the end of the month and I'd like to have a reward ready for June. I've rejigged the Stone watchtower model into a table-top version. It's been scaled to 60% of the originals size, to be more miniature friendly and I've added a roof. The roof will be removable, so the tower could be used for others things. (Thank you to Gino again for that suggestion)

I've still to record a new introduction video for my Patreon creator page :/

Another deviantArt submission...

Missing the point
I finally managed to get round to doing another drawing to put onto my deviantArt page.
It's of a young lad completely missing the point about going to the beach and having fun.

Well, that's it for now. I've got a commission in progress, but Shapeways' forums are down and I can't communicate with the person to give them a progress update.



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