Recent Shapeways shop additions and current project...

This blog entry is going to focus mainly on my Shapeways shop, of the same name as this blog (Which I suppose is what this blog was for in the first place :p ).

Ribbed Jar, Image generated by Shapeways website.
First up is a new porcelain design; The Ribbed Jar and Skull-faced lid. Unsurprisingly it has skull theme to it.
My main intention was for use as a coffee jar. But it's porcelain, anything can go in it, that'll fit.
Plus Shapeways state that they're dishwasher-able too.
As per usual, designs of this size are a bit on the expensive side. So I don't expect I'll sell many until Shapeways are able to lower their base price.
I hope to order one for myself eventually.

Slightly mangled test-print of the spider house
Next up is a quirky little design, that I expect will only be fully tested during the summer; The Spider house.
It's aimed at the sort of spider that builds its web, then hides off to one side in a gap or covering. With this design, the spider can do it in style. Or at least look like a suburbanite.
The design has a screw-hole fixture that allows it to be attached to something (fence?). The two prongs extending away from the house will need to have some twigs or wire attached, if required.

I've made a test print and at some point I'll attach it to the garden fence. During spring/summer hopefully a spider will move in and make a web :)
And I'm also hoping birds don't decide to recognise it as a place spiders live in.

My own generated image of the command chair.
And finally; My current work-in-progress is a LEGO compatible command chair for LEGO figures. Not many minutes ago I completed a test-print. Which has been half-way successful. The main issue with designing building brick accessories, is making sure they fit together.
My printer has always had an issue when it came to printing cylinders. The inside radius was always smaller and the outside radius larger. Which meant that if I was only going to print it, I'd have to do adjust the design accordingly.

Test printed. Figure stays in place and console fitted :)
Since this will be a design featured only on Shapeways, I can forego this adjustment and get it printed with original accuracy.
I've ordered two; One in White polished plastic and one in unpolished. It's important to know if the polishing process will effect how well everything sticks together.

As you can see in the image on the left, the figure fits in place and there's still enough room by the headrest for a helmet to be worn.
I'm also surprised that a flat brick attached nicely on the front.

Unfortunately, due to the issue I mentioned above, the attachment points at the back are too small a diameter for technic pieces to fit into. They seem like they're almost there, but just not quite enough. I'm hoping it is just my printer and that the Shapeways printed version will be perfect :)

If everything works out well, I'll make it available for sale and then think about making additions to it. Like attachable side consoles and a overhead screen attachments.
The overall theme and purpose is; For spaceships and mecha robots. Although imagination's the limit. :D

Right, I'd better get back to studying...


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