A bit of a slowing down...

No doubt some of you have noticed that I've been a bit lax with my weekly blog.
The main reason is that I've got two Open University modules starting soon and I'll be having to concentrate all my time on those.
Which'll mean less time working on 3D design (unless I get distracted :p ) and my robotics project.
A distraction

Slow time on Muscle fibre project...

So this project is going to go into slow time. Not much has progressed since my last blog. The parts I ordered arrived, albeit the wrong parts. My fault for not reading the description properly. I'm sure I'll find a use  for 5mm crimp tubes one day :/
A bit of a mismatch in size methinks :'
My current route to take now, is finalising the new connection points for the nylon twist muscles, which will include some sort of rubber silicon shroud to project the plastic components from the heat transfer of the Nickel Chromium wire.
I'll be designing and printing the mould for pouring the silicon into. So that'll be a first for me, when I get round to doing it :)
Regarding the connection points again, I'm thinking of using small crimp tubes. The sort they use in craft making strings of beads. Once the tube has been crimped onto the nylon (either with a loop in the filament or not) it should hold onto it fairly well to allow twisting.
I would then slot the crimped tube into a custom fit connection point piece, which itself would be universal fitting.
Anyway, that's the plan of sorts. It's just trying to find a way so I can test everything properly before moving on to building actual robotic frames that these nylon muscle will articulate.

I am aware that these nylon muscles may respond very (verrrry) slowly :3

Lake Embogue project freeze...

This project's going into the freezer for now. With me taking my Patreon creator page down and my courses starting there's not much reason to spend time on this.
I'll return to it one day, hopefully.


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